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All You Need Is Love – And Dairy Queen!

You can send some love to patients at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio throughout the month of February with our friends at Dairy Queen!

Stop by a participating Dairy Queen location near you February 1-28 and donate a $1 DQ Miracle Heart icon at the register. Sweet treats taste so much sweeter when they are purchased with love and generosity! All proceeds will benefit kids at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

Your donations help kids like Derek. Derek was five months old when his mom, Mayra, noticed a bump on his right shoulder blade. Concerned, Mayra began a search for a physician who could help her baby; she found an orthopedic specialist at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Derek was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. His initial treatment was Mehta casting, which is usually effective for early onset scoliosis. The cast started under Derek’s armpits and went down to his lower waist. Derek had to re-learn how to function in everyday life in his new cast. When Derek turned five, his spine curvature reached 100 degrees. Derek went in and out of halo gravity traction to help impact of gravity on his spine before being fitted for MAGEC™ growing rods. The rods helped for a short period of time, but his spine continued to curve. After having the rods removed, Derek stretched out and gained a healthy ten pounds. He had surgery in August 2019 for traditional growing rods. He will continue to need surgery every six months to expand the rods as he grows, but he is doing fantastic! Thanks to your support, Derek has a chance to soar! Now nine years old, Derek is known around The Children’s Hospital for his dance moves, his love of bingo and superheroes, and playing hide-and-seek with his doctors.

Since 1984, DQ has been a partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raising more than $154 million for local children’s hospitals across North America. Thank you, Dairy Queen for your dedication to helping heal the children in our community! To learn more about making a difference, please visit